Service types and pricing

Bespoke training for you fitness needs….

One to one training sessions.
Get the VIP treatment, it’s all about you!

The Duet
Two to one.
Team up with a friend, share the cost and the success.

The Three Amigos
Three to one.
You and two of your buddies, why choose one bestie when they could both join in.

Four to one training.
The band’s all here!
You and three mates making the session into a regular group hangout, whilst getting your training done.
Ideal if you have a similar time table and like to split the bill.

Intro assessment £30
(Per person. One person per session.)
Initial one-off fitness appraisal. This is essential to my style of training. All of my clients are required to participate in one before I can start their training and devise their programme. This is the first step, find out more about it here.

Training Sessions from £30 each
Solo £30 Duet £40 Three Amigos £50 Quartet £60

(Typically hour long sessions. These can be shared by others who have completed the intro assessment, up to 4 people per session.)

I recommend a minimum of one session per week. Ideally a training frequency of 3 times a week for optimum results.

Please note training sessions are booked and payed for in advance.
I can accept card payments over the phone, or online bank transfers.

All styles are based upon your individual needs, with programming to suit your own goal progression.

At the Bodifix gym we can access weights and coach the Squat & Deadlift variants.
For home visits I will bring some equipment but most workouts will be based on body-weight style movements, don’t worry it’ll still be a fun challenge!

If you are looking to get started in exercise, improve your technique, or up your game, let’s chat and see how I can help.
You can book a free call back, or email me with a few details about what you are looking for.
Of course you are welcome to call me, or even send a good old fashioned text message if you like 07966 055 332.

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