The Process

What to expect…

The Transformation call

An informal, no obligation phone call. Typically lasts 15 mins. We will discuss what you are looking to achieve from your training sessions.
We will explore what your overall goals are, and how I think I can help. I’ll answer any questions you may have at this stage.
We will go ahead and book the face to face “coffee consultation”.

Coffee Consultation

You’re interested in becoming a Bayside client, great! -Now it’s time to get to know each other better…
We will discuss in detail about your goals, however big or small they may be. We’ll agree a loose action plan which we will be building upon further in our regular sessions.
You’ll decide here how many sessions a week you wish to commit to (can be changed later).
This will also be the time I’ll walk you through ‘the paperwork’ side of things (minimal). There is a legal short form to complete to inform me of any medical conditions that may affect your training, you can look at an example below.
We’ll go ahead and book your Intro Assessment.

PAR-Q Example Form

Intro Assessment

This is the starting point. This is about forming an accurate picture of how well your body can move and a fair appraisal of your current fitness level.
Here we will measure your current joint range of movement, and see how well your body can produce certain movements. You will be asked to perform some simple exercises but not an intense level. This is not ‘ a workout’ this is more about identifying any imbalances or current restrictions you may have.
With the data collected we will be able to measure your progress, this is important to for me to show you how far you’ve come later on. I will also write your unique programme based upon the information collected. 
You’ll be given a written copy of my findings.

Training poor movement patterns reinforces poor quality and creates greater risk of injury

-Gray Cook

Regular training

This is where the ‘magic’ happens. I guide you through each exercise so we build your skills and technique up.
As you progress we will increase the difficulty to keep your muscles sufficiently challenged.

I do recommend training at least three times a week to see real change. However I can work with you to adapt if your schedule cannot accommodate this many sessions.


I will advise and guide you through any additional tasks. Such as performing stretches you can do at home between sessions if they are needed to advance your training.


All my clients will have access to my exclusive facebook group. Here we can support and further inspire each other in a private group. I’ll offer all sorts of encouragement and Q&A sessions. Think of it like a virtual clubhouse.
(Of course my clients are welcome to message me directly too).
Staying in regular contact and having an accountability partner is a huge part of staying on track to reaching your goals. 

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